Communities for Clean Water Conference Videos

The videos of the Communities for Clean Water Conference “Weaving Our Río Grande Communities Together” that took place on July 26 & 27, 2012 are available at:

Groundwater Flows from Area G to the Buckman Projects

If you have limited time, please see the presentations by Dr. Michael Barcelona, a Professor and Past Chair of the Department of Chemistry at Western Michigan University, about “Groundwater Flows from Area G to the Buckman Projects.” He is very concerned about the radioactive, toxic and hazardous pollutants from the 63-acre unlined dump site at Area G traveling in groundwater towards the Pueblo de San Ildefonso and on to the Buckman Wellfield. He spoke on Tuesday, July 26th in the morning in Santa Fe and gave the keynote address in the evening in Española.

Community Concerns about our Water

To hear community concerns about our water, see the Thursday late morning panel discussion with Dr. Barcelona; Ralph Ford Schmid of the NM Environment Department; Joni Arends of CCNS; Mark Sardella, P.E.; Elaine Cimino of Citizens for Environmental Safeguards; and others.

Educational Tools for Community Empowerment

Camilla Bustamante, Ph.D., MPH, Dean of Community Workforce and Career Technical Education at Northern New Mexico College gave the keynote address about “A Healthy Environment: Educational Tools for Community Empowerment” on Friday in the late morning.

Cancer in Northern New Mexico Communities

Chuck Wiggins, Ph.D., Director, New Mexico Tumor Registry at UNM gave an excellent talk about “Cancer in Northern New Mexico Communities” on late Friday afternoon.

This information was provided by Anna Hansen

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