Energy Fuels’ Roca Honda Mine Project

Roca Honda Permit AreaEnergy Fuels and Sumitomo of Japan have launched a joint venture to mine uranium on the flanks of Mount Taylor, sacred mountain for Diné and Pueblo peoples and a registered National Cultural Site.

The Roca Honda Mine would be located in an area often referred to as the Grants Uranium Mining Belt. Numerous abandoned uranium mines and mills have already heavily contaminated the air, soil and groundwater in the area. Local residents are unhappy with the additional contamination that would be added by the Roca Honda Mine and its mill before old contamination is even remediated. However Energy Fuels is relentlessly pursuing a mine that they see as a great business opportunity.

According to Energy Fuels’ website, the Roca Honda Mine is one of the largest and highest-grade uranium projects in the U.S. The website lists highlights about the mine which include that it is adjacent to the Mount Taylor Mine and that it is within trucking distance of the White Mesa Mill. The mine is projected to produce up to 2.7 million pounds of uranium annually within a 9-year mine life.

There’s a lot of interesting information on their site, including a “Preliminary Economic Analysis” which includes a lot of great maps, detailed descriptions and histories of the mine, the mill and other things in the area. You can also download it directly here.

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