Factory Farm Nation

2015 Edition

From Food & Water Watch

Manure Waste PondManure from factory farms poses a significant risk to communities and the environment. According to the EPA, agriculture remains a major source of water pollution. And according to the GAO, “manure and wastewater from animal feeding operations can adversely impact water quality through surface runoff and erosion, direct discharges to surface water, spills and other dry-weather discharges, and leaching into the soil and groundwater.” States have identified animal feeding operations specifically as the polluters of almost 20,000 miles of rivers and streams and over 250,000 acres of lakes, reservoirs and ponds. While livestock waste in appropriate quantities can serve a useful purpose as fertilizer for crops, the huge concentration of animals in factory farms leads to excessive concentrations of waste.

From Food & Water Watch’s 2015 Edition of Factory Farm Nation. Download and read the entire report here.

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