Permitted Sites in Northwest New Mexico

Permitted Sites

Four Corners Steam Plant

4 Corners Plant( PNM calls it the “Four Corners Power Plant”)

Gasbuggy Experimental Test Site
Project Gasbuggy(a DOE Legacy Management site)

Giant Refinery (Bloomfield)
Farmington, New Mexico

Lee Acres Landfill
(a U.S. Department of Interior Superfund Site)

Navajo Coal Mine
(a BHP Bilton Company)

Safety Kleen Farmington (SKFA)
(a Commercial/Private Hazardous Waste facility)

San Juan Coal Mine

San Juan Generating Station

Shiprock Mill & Disposal Cell
(a DOE Legacy Management site)

NMED General Links to Permits and More

NMED Air Quality Bureau

NMED Ground Water Quality Bureau permits at:

NMED Surface Water Quality Bureau


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