Post ’71 Health Survey

The Post ’71 Survey is a health survey highlighting the severe illnesses of uranium miners, millers and transporters who worked after 1971 and are suffering adverse effects from uranium exposure. People who worked in the uranium mines before 1971 qualify for federal aid under the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA). People who worked in the mines after 1971 (post ’71) do not qualify for aid under RECA even though they are just as sick as the pre-’71 workers.

The survey was created first in 2007 and revised in 2009 with additional data by the very people who worked in uranium mining and milling–the uranium workers and their family members–through the Post ’71 Uranium Workers Committee.

Between 1971–1982 New Mexico’s uranium workers were about one third to one half of all uranium workers in the United States. 72% of survey participants have uranium related medical conditions.

“No information was given to me on exposure to dangerous chemicals or health safety. I am afraid of all the dangerous risks I took when I worked for a uranium mine.

I feel that my life and my family’s lives are cut short due to [the mines] not practicing safety.”
Post ’71 Worker

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