The Oil & Gas Threats Map

It's easy to zero in on any state in the Oil & Gas Threat Map © 2016 The Oil & Gas Threat Map

It’s easy to zero in on any state in the Oil & Gas Threat Map
© 2016 The Oil & Gas Threat Map •

The Oil & Gas Threat Map shows us that oil and gas air pollution isn’t someone else’s problem, it’s everyone’s problem.

The Pollution

Until very recently, there were no federal limits on methane pollution from the oil and gas industry. So it’s no surprise that the oil and gas industry is the nation’s largest methane polluter.

What might surprise you: along with methane, oil and gas facilities often release other air pollution that can harm our health, like benzene – a known carcinogen.

The Maps

The Oil & Gas Threat Map shows health risk from oil and gas air pollution in two different ways:

  1. On individual state maps, it plots the location of all active oil & gas wells in the United States (except North Carolina and Idaho), then counts the people, schools, and hospitals that live within ½ mile of these facilities.
  2. Using EPA data & models, it shows which counties have health risks because of oil & gas toxic air pollution.

The Map reminds us that the threat, as well as the people at risk, are very real by:

  • Within each individual state, allows you to search for your home or school to find out if you’re at elevated risk for exposure to this pollution.
  • Showing infrared videos of normally invisible pollution from oil and gas operations. (These are all quite dramatic and four of them show sites in New Mexico)
  • Showing interviews with people impacted by this pollution.

Continue reading and use the interactive map on the Oil & Gas Threat Map site.

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